FAQ: Substance Abuse in Louisiana

How long will I be there?

A: Your length of stay really depends on you. Will you need more detoxification? How open are you to change? How bad do you want recovery?

How much does it cost?

A: The cost of treatment is determined by your length of stay, insurance benefits, and level of care. For more information, please contact us directly.

If I don’t have insurance, would you accept credit cards or cash?

A: Yes, most major credit cards as well as cash are accepted. We will also work with you to discuss payment options, if necessary.

What do I need to bring?

A: DO please come with one week of comfortable clothing. Your clothing may not have on it any references to chemical substances, alcohol, or any antisocial advertisements. You will be able to launder your own clothes. Also, DO bring in your photo ID, insurance card, debit/credit card, cash (approximately $30-$40) for miscellaneous items. DO NOT bring in a camera or cell phone. If these items are brought to the facility, they will be locked up and not returned until discharge. Bring a small alarm clock. Phones and radios are NOT permitted.

More information about what to bring may be viewed here.

Will I get to leave the facility on a “pass”?

A: Assuming you are in compliance with all regulations of the facility, and your pass is approved by your clinical team, you may receive a pass.

Will I get to use the telephone?

A: Yes. You may use the telephone to make outside calls at the designated times provided by your schedule.

May I make long distance phone calls?

A: Yes. However, you will need to purchase a calling card and bring it with you. Should you run out of minutes on your card, a family member can send you another one at PO Box 407, Cheneyville, La. 71325

Am I allowed to smoke cigarettes?

A: You may smoke cigarettes or smokeless tobacco in the designated areas outside at the designated times for that activity.

May I leave my car at the facility while in treatment?

A: No personal cars are allowed on the grounds at Edgefield. You will need to find someone who can bring you and drop you off. If not, we can arrange to have your vehicle stored.

When may my family visit me?

A: Visitation can be managed through your counselor. The client must submit a list of those members expected to attend for staff approval. No more than four guests per visit.

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